Make it work: How to overcome 5 common online marketing strategy mistakes

1.Your website is not optimized to show on top search results
Instead, what to do: Apply SEO tactics to get a higher search position.
Ninety-five percent of customers only look at the first page of Google results when they are looking for online products or services, according to market research. That means that if your site doesn’t show up in the first page of search results, you’re basically invisible to potential customers.

2. Your website does not work well on mobile devices
Instead, what to do: Switch to responsive web design.

If your site provides a poor user experience when visitors use mobile devices to access, it can cost your customers significant damage and damage your profits. Eighty percent of consumers use smartphones to access the Internet, according to insights from the Global Web Index. With many people searching on their phones, you want to make sure your site has a responsive design.

People won’t stick if your site is hard to navigate or access on their mobile device. Forty percent of mobile consumers have visited the competitor’s website after a bad mobile web experience, according to Google Plays Mobile Playbook. You are not only looking for ways to improve the user experience, but Google and Other search engines also prioritize mobile-friendly websites, so you won’t help your organic search ranking with a mobile-friendly site.

Switching to a mobile-friendly responsive web design can turn your inefficient website into one of your most effective online marketing strategies. Responsive web design automatically adjusts the navigation, type and viewing area features to provide perfect performance on every device.

Make sure your site is correctly encoded to display the information you need in a mobile-friendly format for mobile devices without being stolen by Google or other search engine systems.

When you upgrade to responsive web design, your customers will have a superior experience no matter how they visit your site, so they never have to search for competitors’ websites. paintings.

3. Try to use too many social media channels at the same time
Instead, what to do: Narrow your focus on three or four channels to get started

Because you want to see your business succeed, try to establish a presence on every social media marketing strategy that your customers may be using.

The problem with that is that there are hundreds of social media marketing platforms operating on the internet. Trying to attract visitors on too many social sites will not help your business succeed. You will find yourself producing thin content or posting inconsistently because you are forced to time.

Minimize your social marketing efforts and focus on only three or four of the most popular platforms with your customers. You will find your social marketing strategies much more effective when you have time to submit well-written articles on a consistent schedule.

4. Apply a size one size that fits all email marketing strategies
What to do instead: Segment your subscriber list and submit a personalized proposal

You know your customers are not the same, so why do you expect a single email newsletter to generate positive global feedback?

Your customers have different interests, in different places in the sales channel and are looking for different products and services. Sending the same email to all your subscribers will not make good marketing sense, because no single offer has a general appeal.

Segmenting your subscribers list can turn your failed email marketing campaign into one of your most effective online marketing strategies. Separate your subscribers into three or four groups according to their interests, demographics, or other marketing metrics.

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