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Basic information about cloud monitoring: Page speed, application performance, log analysis

User-oriented software monitoring is always important, no doubt about it. But with the relentless migration of software to the cloud, and the adoption of microservices and serverless architecture as functions as a service (Faas), monitoring is now critical business. These new ways to build modern software involve many moving parts… Read more »

5 pain points of modern software development and how to overcome them

Adjust the goals incorrectly Pain: Software developers often work with inadequate understanding of business requirements established by business leaders and product owners. This can lead to misleading goals that lead to unnecessary and inappropriate features. Also important, perhaps, it creates missed opportunities when developers focus on wrong priorities. Combine it… Read more »

Your cloud based application can be a profitable product

In the application development world, there is enterprise level and product level. If you’ve never heard of those terms before, you’re not alone . Product-level software means that a software system is built at such a high level of quality that it can provide value to a variety of platforms,… Read more »

Make it work: How to overcome 5 common online marketing strategy mistakes

1.Your website is not optimized to show on top search results Instead, what to do: Apply SEO tactics to get a higher search position. Ninety-five percent of customers only look at the first page of Google results when they are looking for online products or services, according to market research…. Read more »